Class Management Templates

Classroom management and organization are vital so that classical content does not get lost in a tangle of day-to-day mismanaged disorganitzation.

Excel templates are readily available to teachers and headmasters, saving money on gradebooks, copier paper, toner, and the like. Such things as planbooks can also help a headmaster make certain that classrooms are staying on task efficiently.

Many free templates are available across the web, but as an example, check out Vertex42's Excel templates for gradebooks, planners and calendars.

For a small annual fee (less than the price of a wire-bound hardcopy gradebook), administrators, teachers, parents, and students can have access to weekly lesson plans and assignments through PlanBookEDU's full-featured online planning book.

Chromebook and G-Suite users should also be able to find numerous solutions in various apps.

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

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